Why Am I Not In Full Bloom? (cheesy, I know, but I could not avoid this metaphor!)

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Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fashion. It’s beautiful! It’s exciting! It’s glamorous! It’s artistic! But who am I to say I’m a “fashionista?” Frugalista? Yes, I do NOT like to pay an exorbitant amount on fashion. Bargainista? Yes, I LOVE me a great deal! But, to me, fashionista is a title I do not consider myself worthy to hold. Yet. But, I’m certainly budding.

I am not “out there” with my fashion choices, but I like to dabble in trends. I try to keep up with the “must haves” of the season. But I have a real life, too. I’m a mom. A professional. A wife. I can’t read fashion magazines whenever I want (I have a stack of In Style magazines I ordered from my son’s school fund raiser and have not even flipped the pages of half of them!). I can’t afford shopping sprees when the latest shipments arrive in my favorite stores. I certainly do not have retailers/designers knocking on my door giving me items in hopes they will be spotted on me! ha!

But who knows what the future holds! I’m just getting started. 😉

In the following posts you can follow me through my fashion adventures and maybe even misadventures– because every rose has its thorn!

I’ll also throw in a few “Bonus Buds” for days I want to skip fashion talk and “dig a little deeper” or “get to the root of a problem.”

ok. i’ll stop with the play on words now.

‘Til next time, I will remain,

Budding Fashionista

-by Vanessa Culpepper

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