Budding Bonus 1: Fashion Blog Faux Pas?

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When I started this blog, I had one reservation: Is it too superficial?

I have two beautiful children whom I adore. Why not blog about something more important, like motherhood?


There are children in danger, neglected or struggling all over the world. Should I blog about all of these heartbreaking stories I come across as a news producer and raise awareness about just how sick and twisted this world can be (for anyone who may not have a clue)?

What about Racism? Bullying? Illness? Adoption? All of these are dear to my heart. All these subjects are more important than “fashion,” in my opinion.

But they are DEEP. They are TAXING. I would be emotionally drained if I wrote about some or all of these topics on a regular basis. There have been stories we have covered locally that left me in my bathroom at work, crying for ten minutes because of their upsetting nature.


I needed a release. Something fun.

So what about blogging about love and relationships?


Love isn’t too depressing–usually. I think I know a little about it. But I’m trying to learn the ropes myself and certainly don’t feel qualified to give relationship advice–although I do like to try my hand at it more often than my husband would probably like! He thinks I mettle too much, but that’s neither here nor there!

So, another passion: fashion! This is my release.


I just want it to be known, my heart and mind run deeper than trends, sales and shopping. That’s why I created my Budding Bonus. There will be times I feel compelled to vent about an issue or problem. And this is where I will turn. And when you’ve seen enough outfit ideas or sales alerts, this is where you can turn. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


by Vanessa Culpepper

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