Fall Trends to Try–or Not!

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You know, I started writing a blog on the hot fall trends that are still wearable and budget friendly for the average woman…but as I started compiling a list, I became a little overwhelmed! It seems impossible to package it altogether in a pretty little blog. If you Google “top fall trends 2013” (minus the quotation marks) your search will turn up more than 1 BILLION RESULTS! 1 BILLION! Who has the time?!

Anyway, I will attempt to touch on a few colors/trends to look out for this fall…before telling you, “Don’t put too much stock into trend reports!” How twisted, huh?

Some hot colors this fall include: cobalt, black/white, olive, and oxblood.

Some hot styles include: metallic shoes, mini handbags, pointy toe pumps, anything houndstooth (Roll Tide for all you, UA fans!), and embellished sweatshirts.

I also found a lot of things just did not seem “new.” Is it because I’ve been seeing this stuff since fashion week back in the spring? Or maybe fashion is almost always recycled anyway.

Here are some “trends” that are still going strong: military inspired, menswear inspired, peplum, leather, floral, graphic prints, sheer fabrics, animal prints, fit/flare skirts, statement coats. The list goes on, so I am not including pics!

Seeing how much is still thriving from previous seasons, it made me think: Just wear whatever the heck you like! It is likely to be en vogue by someone somewhere! I know that may not be great fashion advice if you’re looking for fall inspiration. I apologize. I never claimed to be a fashionista. šŸ˜‰

I try to follow my gut instinct when something really new does come out. I get it wrong sometimes. Like, peplum.


Boy, did I miss the mark on that one! I figured…eh, peplum–it’ll last one, maybe two seasons and that’ll be the last we see of this frilly little thing. Needless to say, I let that bandwagon pass me by. I felt like it was/is too girly for me. And, lo and behold, peplum continues to pop up and flop around everywhere! It is still on the spring 2014 runways. Not that I don’t appreciate it. It’s just not for me. Part of me thinks, I should just cave and flounce around freely! But the stubborn side of me says, “No, budding fashionista (yeah, I call myself “budding fashionista” ALL the time), you didn’t like it when it came out. Stick to your guns!”

That’s why, again, I say…just wear whatever the heck you want!

Of course, follow trends that may catch your eye or give you butterflies (I think we all know how I feel about leather by now), but the most important thing is that YOU like it and YOU are confident in yourself. Confidence never goes out of style!


by Vanessa Culpepper

Budding Fashionista on Google+


2 thoughts on “Fall Trends to Try–or Not!

    Netalia said:
    September 27, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Metallic shoes? Hmmmm…..huge fan, by the way!


      Vanessa responded:
      September 27, 2013 at 4:28 pm

      I may have to let that one go! But I do like metallic cap toe shoes! So, maybe just in moderation! Haha and thanks for reading!! I really appreciate it! šŸ™‚


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