Louis, Louis…

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To Louis V. or not to Louis V? That is the question for this budding fashionista.

My handbag collection is modest. I have a small Coach bag I received as a birthday present from my husband a few years ago. And when I say small, I mean it would probably be a better fit for my two year old daughter. It does cut back on carrying a lot of junk, though. I also have a Cole Haan bag which I pretty much carry every day now. I stole that from My mom gave it to me. Everything else is MODEST! Here’s proof:


(from l to r: Coach, Cole Haan, JCPenney clutch, straw clutch, yellow BR ipad case I use as a clutch, BR Factory convertible bag, BR leather mini bag, The Limited faux leather clutch, BR leather tote)

No Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes. Nada.

Truth be told, I’ve never been a big “bag lady.” I actually hate switching out purses. I feel like it’s a nuisance to move my wallet, make-up, chewing gum, loose change, coupons, gift cards, scraps of paper, crayons and unredeemed Chuck E. Cheese tickets (because you never know when you’ll end up there) from one bag to another. It never fails, the one thing I don’t switch over, is the one thing I end up needing later in the day.

So, do I really need a designer bag as a budding fashionista? My life doesn’t depend on it, so no, I don’t NEED one. More importantly, do I really feel like saving for one? Because I certainly do not have the resources to walk into a Louis Vuitton and nonchalantly ask for a new Speedy 25, let alone the Capucines, dahling. And I don’t know if I’m disciplined enough to watch a jar full of money fill up, only to spend it on ONE thing! I could buy SO MUCH with that money!

But, it would be nice to carry one, right???

IF I decide to start saving (you can help me decide below), I will take you along on my ride of materialism. I will only set aside money if I’m putting equal amounts into savings. That’s the only way I can justify it. I figure, with that plan I may be slinging a Louis on my arm in about 2-5 years! Ha! We’ll see!

Tell me what you think:

And if this is just all too materialistic for you, for your listening pleasure, here’s a little Erykah Badu to keep it all in perspective! 😉

by Vanessa Culpepper


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