September Splurging and Saving

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Because I can only spend $100 this month, I’m going to relish in what I bought last month! While I spent more than I usually do, I also feel I got some GREAT value. Bear with me… it’s quite a list, but it’s a list i’m quite proud of! Plus, at the end, you’ll see my spending to savings comparison!

**Francesca’s got me first. I saw a deal for belts for $12.99 and they had a belt I had been searching for, for months! They didn’t have it in store, so I ordered online–where they offered free shipping if you spent $50 or more. Of course, I had to reach $50. More bang for your buck, right?! Plus, they were offering 30% off markdowns that particular day (i get really lucky stumbling on sales sometimes)!

  1. Gold plate-front belt: I paid $12.99 (can’t remember retail, probably around $18-20)
  2. Steve Madden gold/black heels: Retail: $90. I paid about $27 (they were 30% off sale price)

(I also ordered a dress to reach my free shipping minimum, but they later informed me the dress was sold out, so they refunded my money for that–and I got the free shipping anyway! Score!)

**Then, on to Banana Republic/Gap, Inc…where those dadblasted 40% Wednesday coupons were my Achilles heel! Not because I feel like getting 40% off one full priced item is necessarily a great deal. But it is when that full-priced item is in-demand leather! I knew I had to snatch up these pieces while I could because they were selling quickly!

  1. The Banana Motorcycle-inspired leather jacket–Retail: $298. I paid $161 (there were only two left in the southeast at the time, I had to order mine from an Atlanta store, but I got free shipping with my Banana Luxe Card) I had a 40% coupon and got an additional 10% off for using my Banana Card–no, that does not equal 50%. You take the 40% off, then take another 10% off that total..sorry, having worked in retail, this was a concept a lot of shoppers just did not understand!
  2. The Banana leather shirt–Retail: $198. I paid $107 (same discount applied)
  3. Michael Kors booties–Retail: $198. I paid $40 (I got 20% off for promotion for Banana cardholders and redeemed about $120 in rewards)
  4. Old Navy polka dot dress–Retail: $29.99. I paid $14.99 (I got an email for 50% off one item)
  5. Old Navy skinny white jeans–Retail: $34.99. I paid $7.99 (they were just on clearance)

**Then my friend, Chic In Academia, told me about a great sale at Ann Taylor.

  1. Graphic print skirt: Retail: $88. I paid $7 (what?! yes!)

**Phillip Lim released his collection at Target, so I snatched some mini satchels (I shamefully sold four on Ebay and kept one for myself).

  1. Mini satchel in yellow: I paid retail: $34.99

**Then, I saw a local boutique, Soca Clothing, was having additional 50% off their markdowns! Now, THAT is my kind of sale. This is what I got there (sorry, it was harder to find these items online, so I just used personal pics).

  1. Off-the shoulder dress–Retail: $88. I paid $25
  2. Line and Dot tribal inspired silk tank–Retail: $99. I paid $25 (I don’t usually pay $25 for a tank, but the brand is a nicer one…and it’s silk…and it’s unique!)
  3. Sequin bottom romper–Retail: $88. I paid $12.50
  4. Theory angora reversible cardigan–Retail: $200. I paid $15 (fist pump!)

Whew!! Are you still with me?? I did a LOT of shopping in September. Now you can see why I’m pulling in the reins for the rest of the year.

All in all, I got about $1,465 worth of clothing for just under $500–way more than my usual shopping budget! I have learned buying on sale for sale’s sake is not wise. So, even though most of my items were “sale,” I made sure they would still be items that would work well with other pieces in my wardrobe.

To see how I will be styling these items, check me out on Instagram!

Thanks for reading!

By Vanessa Culpepper


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