There Goes $100

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It didn’t take long for me to blow through my $100 budget for the month of October. I have never been the patient type–a trait I really wish I could change sometimes, but c’est la moi! By mid-month, my Benjamin had come and gone…

The weekend after I posted my budget challenge, I went shopping. After bragging blogging about all of my great finds and posting awesome deals on Instagram, some of my friends have said, “I need to go shopping with you!”

After one real trip with me, you may have a change of heart! I cover a lot of ground. And I probably shop at least once a week during a non-budget period. And I usually have two children with me, who, for some reason, do not seem to appreciate searching for a great deal like I do. Maybe they will find all of their tag-alongs will pay off one day.

So, I’m taking you through my shopping trip.

As I mentioned in my budget blogpost, my mission was to get cute shoes, ripped/distressed jeans and fall clothes for the kiddos.

Mission: Accomplished!

All of the stars were aligning for my shopping excursion.

I started at Ross where I usually find great deals on name brand shoes. After squeezing my cart through a few aisles, trying to keep my daughter from trying on half the stock in sight…there they were…holy grail! I found, not one, but TWO fabulous pairs.

$23 for a pair of pointy toe, ankle strap pumps by Chinese Laundry. This item was on the top of my wishlist. I also scored a $20 pair of Steve Madden open-toe bootie/shooties (i really don’t know how to categorize them).

I found nothing for the children. So, off to the mall I went.

This is where the challenge got REALLY hard. I had the brilliant idea of parking by Forever 21. They had 50% off markdowns! They are practically paying me to shop there! I thought it would be awesome if they had distressed jeans marked down, but I wasn’t that lucky. I got distracted. I tried on some over-the-knee boots, almost had a breakdown, but stayed strong. Thank goodness for my daughter’s potty break request. Snap back to reality. Focus! Budget!

Off to the Gap with a kid-friendly bathroom and 30% off markdowns!

It proved to be a great move! I found myself some ripped jeans, but I compromised a little. They were boyfriend fit instead of skinnies like I originally planned to get. But they were only $18 and I have pondered the boyfriend fit in the past, so I figured it’s worth the compromise. This is how I plan to style them.

This is also where the munchkins got lucky. One day, I’m sure they will thank me for all of my efforts to keep them looking somewhat not disheveled.

I got my soon-to-be 3 year old daughter a denim peplum skirt (peplum–not for me..but for my daughter, sure!), some navy/gray striped leggings and a long-sleeve pink t-shirt that she picked out (pink is my least fave color).

My giant, 7 year old son is flippant about it all. He got a striped sweater, plaid button-down and a long sleeve t-shirt.
I did have $20 dollars in rewards I redeemed at the Gap, so that helped me stretch my dollar even more.

So, after a visit to three stores, 1 fitting room session and 4 potty breaks I spent exactly $100 of my own money.

Or so I thought…remember this Old Navy dress I ordered online?


A temporary hiccup. The dress was online only, so customer reviews guided my sizing decision. Fail! I ordered a tall because one reader said it was too short for work. I am 5’8″ and want to be able to wear it to work, so I ordered a tall. It looked like a potato sack on me. Apparently, I’m not the type who can pull off the potato sack. So…I re-ordered. I didn’t exchange it because I got it for EVEN CHEAPER! I got a new 40% coupon in my email. And the dress went down to $17 online. So, I got it for $10! I will return my $14 dollar dress…leaving me with an extra $4 for the month.

Hmm…..what should I buy nex?! There is still time left in October and I’ve got $4 burning a hole in my pocket!


4 thoughts on “There Goes $100

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    Kathryn C Lang said:
    October 18, 2013 at 1:11 am

    LOVE the shoes. Could you go back and get me a pair of the closed toes in a size 7. You could use your extra $4 on me this month πŸ™‚


      Budding Fashionista responded:
      October 18, 2013 at 1:16 am

      I would love to Kathryn! πŸ˜‰ you know, I’ve often pondered being a personal shopper! Maybe one day…


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