Muffin Tops and Hanger Boobs

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January 1st has come and gone. And while many people have their resolutions set, I’m just now getting mine in order! I’ve never been a stickler for resolutions, I’m always procrastinating and this year seems to be no different. Every year I make the obligatory plan to try and work out more, spend less, save more. blah blah….

I want to do things differently this year now that I’ve had ample time to think about what I want to accomplish in the New Year (although, I really hate that the universe uses the “new year” as an excuse for a fresh start, goal-setting, etc. All this can be done ANY DAY of the year).

I need to give myself specifics. I need plan details. I need accountability–thank you, blogging!

First things first: Work out more. So far, so good. I worked out three days in the first full week of the month and plan to continue with 3-4 workouts a week. I’m pretty much forced to resume a regular running schedule anyway because I have to run the 8-mile leg in a relay of the Mercedes Marathon in February. Can’t disappoint my teammates! It’s  so twisted the only way I can force myself to run/work out regularly is to put my feet to the fire! But hey, whatever it takes to get ‘er done (I live in the south, I can say that).

How is that fashion related? Fitting into my clothes!! I started the winter season buttoning all of my pants relatively easily. So I figured I’m right doing ok and slacked off on the gym. And by slacking, I mean I quit going. Now, I’m dreading getting dressed for work. My first thoughts: Are these the loosest pants I own? Can I button these without my skin folding into itself? Maybe I should opt for leggings and a big, baggy sweater today.

So, my SPECIFIC fitness/weight goal is to proudly get back into a two piece by summer!

country club bikini

I didn’t wear a two piece at all last summer. In 2012 I wore a bikini, but kept my tank top on even while wading in the baby pool with the kiddies.  The proof is in the picture.

I have learned that I really do like a one-piece and find them to be rather sophisticated and appropriate as a mom of 2. But hey, if I can be a mom of 2 and rock a bikini, more power to me!

Second things second: something we all know I’ve tried to tackle–budget issues. It’s safe to say I crashed and burned in December. After my latest budget post, I did even more shopping during post-Christmas sales. A lot. I can’t even remember everything I bought, but I can safely say I probably went over by about $100.

It was fitting that one of my Christmas presents this year, was a book given to me by my older sister: Suze Orman’s The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke. By the way, sis: thank you for considering me worthy of a book that considers me YOUNG and FABULOUS! Flipping through it, I’ve already learned I’m broke by choice! Ugh! So, I’m considering a new shopping/budget/fashion challenge in 2014.

I am going to try and go 6 months without shopping and without wearing the same outfit twice. I’m inspired by @missjt123 on Instagram–a teacher who  made it her personal mission to go the entire school year without repeating an outfit. I can repeat items, just not entire outfits! Yikes!

This will help me get rid of clothes with “hanger boobs,” a term a former co-worker used to describe the pokey indentions hangers leave in your sleeves/shoulders when they’ve been hanging for a while!

I will start my challenge in February because, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, January is the prime time for hot sales and I’m already getting my fill! I can’t wait to share my haul with you!

(here’s a sneak peek:

Now, a lot of financially savvy experts do not recommend giving up shopping altogether for fear it will end in some big binge. And that may very well be the case, but I am strategically planning on ending this challenge in July when more end of season sales will be kicking in! So, I’ll still be getting a lot of bang for my buck! Wish me luck…I’m going to need it!

I hope your New Year is going smoothly! And here’s a belated New Year’s toast to getting rid of muffin tops and hanger boobs!!


7 thoughts on “Muffin Tops and Hanger Boobs

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    Jami said:
    January 14, 2014 at 1:08 am

    Good Luck Vanessa!! I remember I used to be so impressed when you wouldn’t shop during lent… I still tell fellow shop-a-holics about that!! haha!! I look forward to hearing how it goes! I don’t think I would be able to accomplish that but I might take your advice and start setting a budget for myself….baby steps!! Also, thanks for the book idea!


      Budding Fashionista responded:
      January 14, 2014 at 1:31 am

      Thanks Jami! I was going to give up shopping again for lent this year (I took a break from this sacrifice last year) but we are trying to get a real house next year and it doesn’t make sense to keep shopping when I have plenty to wear! Thanks so much for reading!! I hope you’re doing well! I still think about you anytime I have a tangled necklace!


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