Month: February 2014

*Bring On The Bling*

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Let me start, by saying I’m super excited about this post, because…. I’m bringing you a budding fashionista Exclusive! Maybe it’s the news producer in me, but…this just in… an Exclusive is a big deal!

I had been working on this post about layering necklaces when I came across an Instagram picture of one of my favorite bloggers, Brenna from Chic Street Style. Her picture was a perfect example of what I wanted to blog about.

You can create a great statement piece even if you don’t have one that necessarily stands out on its own.

I asked Brenna if I could feature her Instagram picture in my post. Well, I didn’t have to worry about “borrowing” the image from her Instagram feed, because she sent me personal pictures of the look that haven’t even posted on her own blog! So, I’m bringing you her looks…before she does (if you don’t count the preview pic she posted on Instagram ha!)!

Brenna is a blogger, personal stylist and stylist for Stella & Dot. I love Stella & Dot jewelry and I’m sure you will, too if you want to check out her page. All of the bling above is from Stella and Dot. Don’t the necklaces look like they belong together?! With all the stones and metals matching, everything is bound to look flawless!

The coordination is something I kept in mind when stacking my necklaces a few weeks ago. It was something I never tried. But another blog, Coast To Coast Central, helped me branch out! The site hosts an Instagram challenge twice a week. The goal is to get women to rethink how they get dressed. Try something new. Try something different. Try something unexpected. I love a challenge and this also gives me some guidance on new ways to approach my closet.

One recent challenge was layering up jewelry. Just like my fashion sense… my bling is still budding! However, I do feel I have some decent basics with a few decent statement pieces.

This is what I came up with:

I started with a simple necklace from Charming Charlie that had a little length. I added a slightly shorter necklace with some metal bar detailing and neutral stones from Francesca’s. Then I added an even shorter, simple, chain link necklace I purchased from Banana Republic.

I decided to go with a black and gold theme since it’s all pretty neutral and I wouldn’t have to worry about colors clashing or if all the colors coordinated with my outfit. I, personally loved the end result! Individually, the necklaces are decent, but not super impactful. Together, I think they’re quite the neck party!

It’s something I hope to do more of in the future! Maybe I’ll try colors next time, like Amy from My Soapbox Moment!

This new accessorizing tool is also another great way to help me keep my outfits fresh during my 6 month “shopping fast!” Follow me on Facebook to see if I figure out a way to incorporate more Stacked Bling to my wardrobe! I hope you feel inspired to branch out!

The Spree before Shop-Free

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If you follow me on Facebook, you have seen my no-shop challenge in effect. Starting February first, I’ve vowed to go 6 months without shopping and without repeating an outfit. The purpose is two-fold: keep my budget in check as my husband and I prepare to buy a real house (townhome living is too cramped with two kids) and to make up for the Spree of January ’14.

Now, if you’ve read my post about not paying retail and great times to shop, you know why January is one of the best, if not THE best, times to clothing shop all year. Boy, did I take advantage. While my husband was not thrilled at how much I “saved,” I was ecstatic! Let’s get to the breakdown, shall we?

This is what I purchased through Piperlime. They were having 50% off clearance and eventually 60% off clearance! Couldn’t pass that up!

Piperlime: black top w/ gold trim, $15 // plaid shorts, $12 // Aldo d’Orsay flats, $15 // shift dress, $10 // faux leather dress, $25

My damage from Banana Republic and Gap while visiting my local stores. Again, additional percentage off markdowns is the way to go!

I love Gap, Inc. brands and continued the great deals at Old Navy.

I also had a TON of fun shopping at H& where there were a TON of markdowns at super low price points:

Here are some other lovelies I purchased from the runway department of T.J. Maxx, Forever 21 andFrancesca’s!

I was also able to get some great deals on shoes from DSW! I couldn’t find all images online, so I had to get organic!

I always find great deals on shoes at Ross Dress for Less!

All of this totals to about $520! That’s about $15 for each item on average. One thing I didn’t do was add up the retail price since I got so much stuff and didn’t keep track of it before I started wearing things! But considering the Rebecca Monkoff dress was originally $368 and the black boots were about $200 originally, I’d say my savings would be astronomical!! Did you get that, hubby? ASTRONOMICAL!! 😉

I also earned a whopping $50 reward from Banana Republic and I still have a few gift cards left over from Christmas. I figure I can spend those if I feel like I am going to break! That’s not really cheating is it??