BFW: Grassroots (A Local Fashion Evolution)

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I already introduced you to Elizabeth Singleton, Birmingham Fashion Week’s Up and Coming Designer.

Well, there are 12 other young designers who hope to follow in her footsteps!

They were featured during the first night of BFW, which focused on amazing local talent. And let me tell you, I was impressed! I REALLY wanted several of these pieces! (side note: I was also impressed with this year’s production! It was bigger and better than last year!)

My fave of the night had to go to Auburn University student Kailey Smith. I loved her use of sheer fabrics. I have seen plenty of the sheer bottoms with boyshort/granny undies on the red carpet and have not really been a huge fan. But, for some reason, I wanted to rock these sheer looks in the worst way! Don’t know where I’d wear them exactly, but it would be awesome to be able to step out in one of these looks as a confident woman! I’m rooting for you on Saturday, Kailey!

Here are more highlights from other emerging designers:

We are in the heart of the Southeastern Conference, so it’s fitting there were “game day” appropriate looks from local designers three07.

The headlining designer was Harold&MOD with such an eclectic, bohemian, vintage vibe. Perfect for any cool girl.

Birmingham Fashion Truck also showed off the latest spring trends available for a real woman on the go!! I will feature this fabulous business in a later post! Fashion on wheels?! Awesome, right?!

Not all of the hot looks were seen on the runway! I snapped a few pics of some stylish spectators and fellow Birmingham bloggers! A few other pics from the evening are also included. I threw myself in a few of them. It wouldn’t be complete without some selfies, right? Do you have a favorite look?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I wasn’t able to attend the second and third nights of shows and I hate that! I REALLY wanted to see Project Runway alums Anthony Ryan Auld and Joshua McKinley during Thursday night’s show because they killed it last year! They were both so entertaining! But so is life. I’ll be back at the tent for shows on Friday and the finale on Saturday! Can’t wait! To see a full line-up of all designers and schedules, go to Birmingham Fashion Week’s website.

Thanks for reading!! xoxoxo


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