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The countdown is on, brothers (if any guys read this) and sisters! I’m so pumped for this  no-shopping challenge to be over, I started a “countdown to shopping” on the side of my blog (it should be over there to the right)! Even though I’m beyond ready to shop, things have been going pretty well! It didn’t hurt that I was able to utilize some amazing Banana Republic coupons in the month of April (free money! yes, it actually exists every now and then!). I mentioned what I purchased with the first $25 off coupons I received. Now, here’s what else I managed to score for the remaining weeks of April without spending a dime! P.S. If the tweed-front top looks familiar, it’s because I got the same top in yellow the first week I got the coupons! I had a hard time finding any other tops I liked that were under $25! So, I figured, why not? It’s free!

I did also get a few new goodies in May since that was the month of Mother’s Day and my husband was gracious enough to spoil me a bit. Maybe he just felt pity on me. Whatever the reason, I accepted. I kind of felt like that was cheating, but that was his gift to me! What’s a girl to do?! Here’s my Mother’s Day loot breakdown: The maxi skirt from Lotus Boutique and floral cami from New York & Company are exact. The hat shown is from ASOS and similar to one I got from Francesca’s. The sequin tank shown is from Patricia Field and is similar to one I got from Lotus, only mine is white):


June is halfway over and I did opt to use part of a gift card at Target. There was about $8 on the card leftover from Christmas and I used a whopping $1 to get some cheapo sunglasses. I needed some eye protection since I left my only pair of sunglasses at my parents’ house during a recent visit home. I figure, if I get some supplemental sunnies, I’ll at least make sure they’re as close to free as possible.

And, I’m going to go ahead and put it out there: I have $110 in rewards from my Banana Republic card, $50 of which expire July 31st. I can’t very well let those expire! So, I’ll definitely be redeeming at least $50 in July.

To recap the past month or so, I’ve been on the verge of misery! I feel like I’m down to slim pickings in my closet and seem to be reverting back to some of my fall items, trying to summer-ize them! So that’s the struggle right now–approaching my closet with fresh eyes…again! I guess at the beginning of the season, I wore a lot of my “cuter” spring/summer outfits because I was so excited about the change in seasons. It was also Birmingham Fashion Week time, so maybe I was feeling a little more inspired? Here were my April Faves:


Whenever I get in a fashion funk like I’ve been experiencing lately, I just walk in my closet, set my sights on a couple of tops or bottoms that I’m not completely turned off by and ask myself, What else can I pair this with? What is something I haven’t worn this with? Are there any unique patterns or color combos I need to try?  Hopefully this approach will get me through this next month and a half! Wish me luck!



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    Shopping Spree for Free « budding fashionista said:
    July 4, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    […] mentioned in a recent blog post, I had $50 in Banana Republic rewards that were set to expire on July 31st–just one day […]


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