Month: August 2014

I Couldn’t Pull The Trigger

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Let me preface by saying: I did NOT anticipate creating a blog post about this. If you’ve been counting down the days to the end of my no-shop challenge, you know….IT’S OVER!! I can officially shop til I drop!  I had grand plans of my first post-no-shopping post to be about what I’ve learned (which that is still coming), but I was compelled to slap this post together because of an unexpected experience I had.

A few days before my no-shopping challenge ended, I had a light bulb moment and realized, I can shop online at the stroke of midnight on August 1st!! duh! I filled up virtual shopping carts, but when it came time to “check out” I couldn’t do it!! I don’t know what’s wrong with me! After going so long without paying for a thing, I felt an intense amount of pressure to spend my money wisely and to make thoughtful purchases. I mean, people were sending me messages about how they couldn’t wait to see what my first purchases were!! See? Pressure! First world problems, I know.

Anyway, are gone the days when I would see a clearance price and quickly snatch it up? Only time will tell. It’s not one of those instances when you actually want to shop or have money to shop, and you can’t find anything. I found plenty, but I questioned if I was really getting good deals (I mean, after getting quite a few things for free these past 6 months, spending money on anything seems overpriced at this point!). I questioned if I wanted to spend so much at one time. Or if I could afford to spend so much. I questioned if I really needed everything. Or even wanted everything! Was I buying for the sake of buying??

These are actually questions I need to ask myself EVERY single time I’m about to make a purchase. It wouldn’t hurt if you asked yourself the same questions either!

I actually posted some similar questions in a “fitting room tips” post on my Facebook page yesterday. And it must’ve been a message from God or something because it couldn’t have come in a more timely manner.

So, I still plan on shopping. Very Soon! But, I think I want my first purchase to be one I can physically touch and try on. And I want to make sure the deal is unbeatable!

If you’re wondering what I had my eyes on, here’s a little slideshow of things that are still lingering in my “shopping carts.” Tell me if you think any of these are worth “pulling the trigger” for! And I am aware these items are not in correlation to my previous post of things I REALLY wanted to get when I shop again, but I plan to get those in person so I have them in time for an upcoming trip I’ll be taking.

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