My Trip to St. Barth

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So, I didn’t exactly go to the vacation hot spot of the rich and fabulous, but it was definitely a fabulous trip.

I had a chance to experience a “Pink Bag Moment” at a retailer new to the Birmingham area–Calypso St. Barth. It’s a brand I was relatively unfamiliar with, so I was excited to learn what they’re all about. The brand definitely has a resort, sometimes bohemian feel with influences from cultures around the world, but it really is more than that. There really is something for practically everyone: the edgy, the boho chic, the hipster, the surfer girl, the preppy, there are even some pieces that could work for the corporate woman.

Full disclosure here: as part of my blogger experience, I was able to bring home one clothing item!

Basically, I got to play some serious dress-up! I tried things I never would’ve normally tried (i.e. fur). I also tried things I totally would’ve pulled for myself as well (i.e. leather).

The experience wouldn’t have been made possible had it not been for the help of Brittany and Jessicah. They did a great job pulling different pieces for me to try on. Honestly, when they told me I pretty much had free rein to start putting outfits together, it was a little overwhelming. That’s why I don’t call myself a full-fledged “fashionista.” I guess I need more practice just going into a shop and creating fabulousness. I can totally pull things that work within my existing wardrobe, but it was a little different to start from scratch. So, the Calypso girls were totally my crutch!

One of the first things I saw was a fur vest. Confession: I have never really been a fan of fur. It always seemed too flashy and a bit pretentious for me. But I really warmed up to this rabbit fur vest after I slipped it on over a super soft, slouchy, striped T and black faux leather leggings. It surprisingly wasn’t too bulky or furry! Add the booties, a little bling and I felt way too cool for my own good. Now, it doesn’t come cheap. This is one of the items they called a real “investment piece” that will last a lifetime. Investment to the tune of $600. So, yeah. There’s that. And for animal activists, I also want to point out no animals are actually killed for their fur. They use fur that has already been discarded from places that are already using animals for other things, like restaurants. Not sure if that softens the blow for some people, but hey…at least they’re trying, right?

20140913-004526.jpgRabbit Fur Yali (Vest) // Flavia Long Sleeve Striped T // AG Leatherette Skinny Ankle Legging // Frieda and Nellie “Queen” Statement Necklace // Hoss Side Zip Leather Bootie


Another piece that really caught my attention was an olive leather jacket. If you haven’t purchased any leather so far (real or faux), there’s still time to jump on the bandwagon, because this luxe look ain’t going anywhere, folks. One hot new way to wear it this fall, is COLORED! This piece is AMAZING!! I could seriously throw it on with any and everything. It is so lightweight and super soft. It would be gorgeous with some distressed jeans or thrown on over an easy, breezy dress. I paired it with their silk palazzo pants and a horn necklace (the tube cami is my own). The pants were a bit long even for my 5’8″ frame, but I wasn’t wearing any shoes since you couldn’t see my feet anyway. So, a heel, bootie or wedge would have been perfect! I absolutely loved this look!

20140913-004548.jpgLizzy Leather Shirt Jacket // Berna Paisley Silk Palazzo Pants // Hipchick Couture Cognac Tooth Pendant Necklace


Next up…more luxe love with cashmere, baby! Another piece you can throw over everything. I’m such a sucker for cashmere. It’s so soft! And I can’t help but feel like I’m jumping another income bracket when I wear it. I paired this cardigan with the same striped T and necklace I had on with the fur vest. To keep it casual for a comfy, cozy look, I paired it with some distressed jeans and brown booties. There’s something about pairing gray and tan that I love!


Uma Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan // Flavia Long Sleeve Striped T // AG Nikki 11 Year Distressed Skinny // Frieda and Nellie “Queen” Statement Necklace // Hoss Side Zip Leather Bootie


I was also drawn to a beautiful silk dress with gold embroidery. I love the shape because it’s not too clingy and perfectly hides the belly baggage for this mother of two! I paired it with my favorite new leather jacket of-the-moment for a fall look. I also tried it solo for warmer temps, paired with a pretty, gold necklace to add even more sparkle. I kept the booties for both looks to bring it down a few “dressy” notches. But throw on a heel and it could totally take you to date night or even a cocktail hour.

20140913-004430.jpgFran Indigo Ikat Embroidered Silk Dress // Lizzy Leather Shirt Jacket // Hoss Side Zip Leather Bootie // Chan Luu Long Charm Necklace


Now, we’ve covered fur, cashmere, silk. How about velvet? You want luxe? Calypso St. Barth has it, I’m tellin’ ya. This top was gorgeous in person. The bohemian vibe keeps it from being too stuffy. It’s perfect to dress up a pair of distressed jeans (another one of my weaknesses).

20140913-004453.jpgFriederike Embellished Velvet Tee // AG Nikki 11 Year Distressed Skinny // Hoss Side Zip Leather Bootie


Now, if you’re looking for something that will really give you some bang for your buck, they actually have a fun cardigan that can be worn two ways! I had to give it a try. Put it on one way for a more dramatic, full-length look. OR….wait for it… turn it upside down! and then it turns into a more slouchy cardi! How fun, right?!


Cashmere Cocoon Pocketed Cardigan // Flavia Long Sleeve Striped T // Frieda and Nellie “Queen” Statement Necklace // Hoss Side Zip Leather Bootie


While I was there, I also saw a customer trying on this beee-u-tiful caftan from the sale rack. So, I HAD to try it on as well. The color is just gorgeous and I just felt sophisticated and fabulous in it! I may not have any fancy tropical getaways planned to wear this beauty, but who knows… maybe I’ll actually get to visit the real St. Barth one day. Until then, Calypso St. Barth will do just fine 😉


Adilette Silk Habotai Caftan

As I mentioned, I did get a chance to bring home one lucky addition to my wardrobe. It’s in that pink bag I’m carrying in the pictures below! I’ll reveal what I chose in an upcoming post with different ways I’ll be styling it… but feel free to make your predictions in a comment below! Hint: I posted a peak of it on Instagram!



If anything above appeals to you and you’re experiencing a little sticker shock, or if you can handle the prices and just love a deal, there is a promotion going on right now! Until September 21st, you can save $50 off a $300 purchase with code GCFALL2014. The discount actually increases the more you spend. Some exclusions apply.

Happy Shopping!



4 thoughts on “My Trip to St. Barth

    Fur Real, Though! « budding fashionista said:
    February 26, 2015 at 7:55 am

    […] all started during My Pink Bag Moment at Calypso St. Barth last year. Their luxurious rabbit fur vest just got to me! It was so soft and I felt undeniably […]


    […] a recent post about my Pink Bag Moment at Calypso St. Barth, I mentioned I was allowed to bring home one item. I said I’d reveal my selection in a future […]


    mylifewellloved205 said:
    September 15, 2014 at 1:17 am

    Lookin’ good! I tried on that pink sweater and the vest and fell in love as well. And that gray blanket errr I mean sweater was SOOOO comfy cozy.


      Budding Fashionista responded:
      September 15, 2014 at 4:13 am

      i loooved the cocoon cardi! so soft! so glad you found a similar vest you liked! thanks for reading, heather!!


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