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If you read the title and wondered… haven’t we been here before? I don’t blame you. I recently blogged about Fall’s Most Wanted items, focusing on items to freshen up your wardrobe. But this post focuses more on trends–think Fringe, Bell Bottoms and Flash Tattoos!

I’m not a huge supporter in putting a lot of stock (i.e. money!) into the hottest “new” thing around. My advice has always been to follow your gut on what YOU like–not what the latest magazines or bloggers tell you about.

BUT…it is certainly fun to dabble in a thing or two. So, here’s a little list of trends you may want to try. Buyers with luxury retailer Gus Mayer presented a group of local bloggers this “hot’ list for the fall.

Scarves: always in style. But this season, floral and digital prints are all the rage. Don’t get too “wrapped up” (haha!) on choosing the “right” size/shape/texture. Traditional wrap scarves, infinity, cashmere, it’s all good. Anything Fringe is also hot. Fringe is hot, hot, hot like never before.

Ponchos: Yes, they’re back with a vengeance! Ponchos really had their time in the spotlight a few years ago and they are making  another comeback!


-Capes: Love them! You can probably thank Gwyneth and Lupito for making this a hot look that’s being translated into every day wear. Look for versatility and neutral colors.

-Jackets/Coats: Forget your basic khaki trench (well, don’t forget about it, because it’s ALWAYS IN!), but dare to try fun prints like polka dots and animal print.


-Handbags: mix up those textures! shearing/leather combos are huge! Bucket bags and backpacks are having a big moment right now. As for clutches, update them with embellishments, like broaches. And again, any bag with fringe is going to be fashion forward.

 -Boho Inspo: anything 70’s rocker style is HOT! Bell bottoms? yes. Florals? yes. Vests embellished with grommets and more fringe? yes, yes, yes!
-Distressed anything: shredded, ripped, hole-y. it’s tearing up the market. I can’t get enough of my distressed denim. I am debating getting another pair! But it also applies to tops, too!
-Leather: no newsflash here. Leather has staying power. This season, it’s time to branch out and try different shades. Burgundy, olive, navy. Pair with lace to soften up the look!
-Track Pants: if you don’t love this trend, why not?! These pants are super comfortable and super versatile. Pair with a blazer and booties/heels for a more work-appropriate look. Throw on stylish sneakers (think slip-on sneaker or even Chuck Taylors) for stylishly running around town. If you can go to work, go shopping or run errands while feeling like you’re in your PJs, then I’d say we have a wardrobe winner!
-Flash Tattoos: the hottest accessory of the moment, I kid you not. If you’re hip or want to be hip. Tat it up. Gus Mayer can hardly keep them in stock, they’re so hot! They were actually sold out at the time of the presentation, so click on this Flash Tat link if you want to see more!
-Footwear: or should I just say “boots.” Over the knee boots are hotter than ever. Ankle boots will probably never die. Moto-inspired is what you need if you’re a true trendsetter. Gus Mayer has one of the premiere shoe selections in the southeast, possibly  even the country, as some of the Italian selections are exclusively carried here! They have their pulse on what’s hot and are probably more fashion forward than I’ll ever be. For example, they carry the studded “Suzanna” ankle boot by Chloe, which is actually one of the most coveted boots in the world! I couldn’t afford half a shoe string on those ($1,300) puppies, so I’ll just admire them from afar.

I know I definitely want to add more leather (faux or real) to my closet. I also need more scarves. I’m willing to try more of the deconstructed look. Maybe even throw on a flash tat here or there. But a couple of things I’m not sure about…bell bottoms and all the fringe! At least for myself. I can appreciate it on other people, but it will definitely have to grow on me. How could I shy away from some of the biggest fall trends, right?! You can call me crazy, but you probably don’t want to call me a fashionista! haha What are you favorite/least favorite trends?


5 thoughts on “Fall Trendspotting

    elegantly_chic said:
    September 30, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    I’m really into leather too, and cannot wait to wear my brand new green leather moto jacket I purchased from Wilsons Leather. In fact, I want to add more of the color jackets to my growing collection.

    I’ve never been a fan of fall clothes. But when I surveyed how my fall wardrobe was seriously lacking, that all changed. I’ve bought so many sweaters and coats, I don’t know how I’m going to wear them all!

    I also see that the 90s style is coming back in full swing–lots of plaid, polka dots, babydoll dresses, flannels, you name it.


    phillywriter24 said:
    September 29, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    I mean cute


      Budding Fashionista responded:
      September 30, 2014 at 6:02 am

      haha! Thank so much! and thank you for taking the time to read and comment!


        phillywriter24 said:
        September 30, 2014 at 3:43 pm

        no problem at all. sorry about the spelling error lol


    phillywriter24 said:
    September 29, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    So cutr


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