I’m baaaack!

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I have returned from the ashes! Oh. My. Gosh! I’ve been a bad, bad blogger and I apologize. If you want my absence excuses: things have been crazy at work, my computer is on the fritz and I have not made the effort to use any other forms of electronics to get on the ball.

But, I think I’ve gotten my shiz-nit together enough to get back to it. I was working on this post before my demise, so let me put a little spin on it. I attended a SPRING (yes, spring! and yes, now it’s SUMMER…practically FALL!) fashion preview at local luxury boutique Gus Mayer.

Instead of giving you a preview…how about I show you what to look for now that all of the spring/summer sales are going on?! I don’t usually jump on any trends early on in the season. I’m a 75% off kind of girl. And now is the time to score some major deals! So, if you have been slacking on getting a few “on trend pieces,” here’s what you should look for on sale right now!

70’s Boho Chic:
This trend is so utterly groovy! As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t consider myself a festival girl or boho babe, but I love this trend so much! The bell bottom jeans paired with peasant-style/off the shoulder tops! The flowy silhouettes (can you say “no need to suck in”?!). The wavy tresses! It’s all just so easy and fresh. And you must pay attention to fringe! It really started becoming a force to reckon with a few seasons ago and it’s showing some serious staying power. The whole 70s trend is definitely not “peace-ing out” anytime soon. And for all of you 9-to-5ers, I would say it’s not impossible to pull this off in the office, but it may be more challenging. So you may want to reserve these pieces for a cool weekend look!

Athletic Inspired:
Physical fitness is great for the mind and body, but real gym gear needs to stay at the gym. To knock this trend out of the park, look for unique cuts and embellishments–zippers and mesh! Jogger pants are still going strong. Pair them with some cool sneakers (think Vans inspired slip-ons or Simple white Adidas style–circa Run DMC 1985)!

Graphic T’s:
What better way to make a statement without saying a word?! They’re fun, sometimes sassy and they’re also a perfect topper to go with the athletic trend! Gone are the days when “team Jen” and “team Angelina” were the hottest statements to rock. This trend is all about expressing your individual style and mood!

This trend is in bloom EVERYWHERE! If this style isn’t planted into your closet, it may be time to go shopping! If it’s floral–it’s fab, ‘nuf said.

Crop Tops and Midi-Skirts:
Another trend that is carrying over from last spring. You can even pull off a crop top at the office when pairing a button down underneath! Midi-skirts are no brainers. They are particularly on trend paired together! Or take that crop top and button down, pair with wide leg trousers and pointy-toe stilettos and you’ll be the chicest woman in the office!

And….if you’ve been waiting on the hair makeover giveaway winner, I haven’t forgotten about you! I am ashamed to admit I hadn’t awarded the hair color giveaway winner.. but alas, here it is! Jennifer from Stellar Fashion and Fitness. Shoot me an email to claim your prize!


2 thoughts on “I’m baaaack!

    stellarfashionandfitness said:
    August 1, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    Thank you!! I’ll email you now! Very excited & I will write about my experience too. PS—I need more funky graphic tees!


      Budding Fashionista responded:
      August 4, 2015 at 9:41 am

      great! as for graphic T’s… i think i bought two since attending the fashion preview! they’re so fun to dress up or down!


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