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The Most Bang with a Bump

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The thought of buying a new wardrobe that will be worn for less than 9 months is not appealing to this bargain shopper.

So, what’s a pregnant woman to do? Make the most of what you already have!

I’m pregnant with my third child (insert “Home Alone” face). And if people say you show a lot quicker with your second baby, I think it’s safe to say you show even faster after that! I thought, since it’s been six years since I was last pregnant, maybe my body forgot what it’s like to carry a child and I could go 5 months before I really start to show. Um, the body apparently doesn’t forget.

So, I broke down and bought a few sale maternity pieces pretty quickly, but I still wanted to stretch my existing wardrobe. In the next few blog posts, I’ll show you how I’ve done it so far!

Basically, these will be key pieces you need to bring to the forefront of your closet. Or pieces you may want to go ahead and invest in (and wear now!) if baby making is in your future.

To kick off this series, I’ll first focus on the ever-classic pencil skirt! But not just any pencil skirt. You can kiss those zippers good-bye! Invest in some elastic!

I used to think it was the material that old lady waistbands were made of. Well, call me an old lady, because the stretchy savior has been my maternity go-to.

These are a few that have served me well these past few months and of course, even before this baby was even a twinkle in the eye!

You can’t tell really well in this picture, but I already had a small bump here and I was only about 4 weeks pregnant. The Old Navy skirt is mid-calf length and I hiked it up over the bump, so it was still below the knee. (top is old Forever 21, shoes are old Charlotte Russe, necklace is Piperlime [rip]).


Another 4 week bump shot. Still barely noticeable to others, but I definitely needed elastic! The Vince Camuto skirt was $16 from Nordstrom Rack last year. (top is old Forever 21, blazer is old Banana Republic, necklace is Purple Peridot, shoes similar are Charlotte Russe)


Here’s another $10 goodie from Old Navy, embracing my 3-month bump. The black tank really helps camouflage the bump, but it was definitely noticeable at this point! I was able to keep the waistband below the bump. (kimono is Forever 21 Outlet,  tank is old Gap Maternity, necklace is Kendra Scott, shoes are old Target)

pencil skirt 2

$10 is my magic number for pencil skirts, apparently! Here’s another pencil skirt from Old Navy. This top is also non-maternity and was the first time I have worn it. I’m about 4 months along here. (tank is Banana Republic, shoes are madden girl via DSW)pencil skirt 1

More recently, I wore the same black pencil skirt to Birmingham Fashion Week. I am 5 months along. I’ll share more details for this outfit soon! 

What’s great about the stretchy pencil skirt, is you can hike it up over your belly and it will usually still be long enough to be work appropriate. But you can also sling it below the bump to keep that length!

Stay tuned for the next post on a maternity friendly “non-maternity” must-have!

As always, thanks for reading!!




Dewberry Delight

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Disclosure: I collaborated with Linda’s Dewberry Lotion for this post, but all opinions are my own. 

My 25th birthday is coming up for the 12th time, so it’s no secret this skin I’m in doesn’t look the same as it did a decade ago. So, when I was approached to give Linda’s Dewberry Lotion a try, I figured “what do I have to lose?” It’s an age-defying product, after all!


I wasn’t asked to use it for a certain length of time, so I can’t speak to the effectiveness of defying age, but I can vouch for its other qualities! It touts itself as non-greasy, non-clogging, made of plant-based oils and made without parabens and alcohol. Also, no testing on animals, so that’s always a plus! It’s also gluten free if that’s something that is a health concern. There are a ton of other positive attributes in the product’s formula. I won’t go into too much detail, but you can learn more about it here.

You want to know if it lives up to its own hype, amiright?!

I, for one, am a fan! It goes on smoothly and absorbs relatively quickly. My husband actually put it on my legs the first time I tried it (I’m 5 months pregnant, it was the least he could do!) and he actually wasn’t a fan because he didn’t feel a lot of the residue that some other products leave behind. So he thought he had to use MORE of the product. After I used it myself, I found that couldn’t be farther from the truth! I only used a small squirt to cover the desired surface area because it’s actually pretty thick. It covered a lot of ground!

I tried to do a before/after shot of the product’s effects on my legs, but my camera (um, iphone) just couldn’t capture all of the flakiness going on.

Here’s the attempted before (I promise, there is a lot of dry skin you can’t see!):

and the after:

So, I tried on my arms! Now we’re talking! I actually forgot to put sunscreen while out for an extended period of time the other day (shame on me!), and my right arm was more exposed to the sun and got sunburned. 😦 Now, it’s flaking and pretty gross. So, Dewberry to the rescue!

Before (i know, it’s bad!):

And after:

Of course, most lotions will appear to show an instant result, but I just love the bonus of how it goes on and what this product is made of. There is no mineral oil, which I’ve read is actually a pretty poor choice for re-hydration and can even lead to drier skin and even progress aging! Yikes! Just google it to judge mineral oil for yourself.

Dewberry is even gentle enough to use on your face. I was skeptical at first, but I did dab some on my freshly washed face and it did not feel heavy at all.

It’s also pretty odorless. It claims to have a light, fresh scent, but even my pregnancy nose could hardly detect a fragrance, which means it won’t clash with your favorite perfume!

So what about the price?

At $16.95 for a 4oz. bottle, it won’t break the bank and would even make a great gift! And like I said, a little goes a long way. But of course, I’m all about deals, so I had to try and give budding fashionista readers at least a little savings! If you order, get free shipping using the code BG16 in the discount line at checkout. I do not get paid for how many bottles you buy, so no pressure! But feel free to give it a try if you’re looking for a new, effective lotion without harmful chemicals!

As always, thanks for reading!